Journeying Toward Wholeness

Feb 2020

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

Mr. Danny Williams who watches over all activities at  RMSI, has been most helpful in again keeping channels open for yoga students to come do a yoga class with the men on a Wednesday. Roxie Brunetti has come for several times during the past 16 years, and graced the Yoga class this week. Two more students are scheduled for later this month and in March.  If You would like to participate  in one of the classes in the Spring, whether you do poses, or sit in meditation as part of the class, please contact me with you date of birth. This is an opportunity to be a part of breaking down barriers between those inside and outside “the walls”, and have a deeper sense of how alike we all are!

“Arriving at the gym, we were warmly

greeted by my long-time yogi friend

Mack. Through the grounding and

strong asanas, I felt lifted by the joy,

encouragement and effort that each

and every student brought with them. 

I am filled with gratitude, dear yogis,

as I carry this peaceful experience

into my practice today.”

~ Roxie Brunetti

“Just Mercy” the new film from Bryan Stevenson's book of the same name, is now in Nashville. Bryan has been to Nashville, and out to Riverbend (RMSI). Through Kathy Masulis I met him at a conference at Vanderbilt, and since have been to the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery Alabama with grandson Andrew. The film is accurate, moving, and filmed with precision.  One sees into the our criminal justice system with deep sorrow. Bryan, formerly a young law student, who hung into the impossible at great personal risk, inspires others to see what's happening, and hopefully engage at some level to make positive changes in our presently unjust and inhumane system! 

“While it might seem strange, what inspires me

to practice (yoga) is my increasing awareness

of the fragility and shortness of life.

More and more I am acutely aware of the

preciousness of this very moment. I am also

comforted  and reassured when  realize

that the strongest force in the universe,

like a steel band that can stretch through

time and across any distance, is the

force of love.

Beyond asana and meditation, beyond 

teaching and parenting and chopping

carrots, is the inevitable , and powerful

force we call love. When I remember that,

my heart opens, and I am alive.”

Judith Hanson Lasater. Ph.D,

“Will Yoga & meditation really change my life”

By: Stephen Cope

Yoga Classes


9:30-10:55 am Beginner Yoga @ Friends Meeting House (Restorative)

11:00-12:30 pm Intermediate Yoga @ Friends Meeting House    “

6:00-7:30 pm Intermediate Yoga @ friends Meeting House.        “


2:15-3:45 pm Yoga Class @ RMSI


10-15-11:30 am @ Martin Senior Center : Brentwood.                 “

T'ai Chi Classes

Tuesdays 8-9 am @ Dragon Park or Belmont Methodist Church (dependent on weather) beginners welcome!…Come be with us at Fido at 7:15 am to visit beforehand~

                    Chinese Medicine suggests, “ Cultivating the gifts for Winter.”

                        ~ Rest your senses, reduce input from the outside.

                           For a day turn off the Tv, computer games, and radio. Observe

                           What happens in the absence of continual stimulation.

                        ~ Listen to the inner voice. Ask, is it best to do this now? Is it

                           Necessary to do it at all?

                        ~ Practice taking risks while keeping fear and courage in balance.

                        ~ Go deeper into one practice, such as Yoga, T'ai Chi, prayer

                           Meditation. Settle in lower, and stay with it longer.

                        ~ Walk….not just for exercise, but for seeing, listening, smelling,

                           being.            (Meridians, Vol. 10 Winter/Spring 2003)

Breema Treatments are available Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and Fridays. Please call 615-498-4090 to make an appointment. 

“21st Annual Breema Retreat” Saturday and Sunday March 14th +15th @The Farm in Summertown TN. Katherine Correa and Laura Rawson from the Breema Center in Oakland, will be leading the retreat. For more information and registration, contact Katherine @

     “The only thing we have to offer in life is our receptivity to Existence.”  

~ Jon Schreiber

Circle Dancing meets the first and third Fridays of each month. This Friday February 7th and Friday the 21st we will be dancing at Friends Meeting House. All are invited to get a bite to eat at Calypso Cafe on Charlotte Ave. after 5:30pm before the dancing begins.  Dancing is form 7-9pm All are welcome!

Sunday March 15th…”Richard Tarnas: An Overview led by Dan Taylor, 2:30-4:30 at The Green Hills Library. Focus will be on Mr. Tarnas's book: Cosmos and Psyche. Check out The Nashville Jung Circle on the web for more information!

Death Penalty Symposium Wed. February 12th 6-8pm..Vanderbilt Divinity Stacy Rector, Executive Director for TADP, Richard Tennet, Federal Public Defender, Joe Ingle, Minister on Death Row for 35 years, Students form VDS Courses inside Riverbend. All welcome!

Well Being Retreat Center…Offerings in February/ March…

Opening The Door of Awareness”  Feb. 20-23…A three-night Meditation & Inquiry Retreat with Don and Patty. 

“Opening the Heart Through Loving kindness and Compassion” with John Blackburn…March 13-15

 For more information and registration please contact Don @. 

Course In Miracles discussion group meets monthly, usually on the first Sunday of the month at Four Points Sheraton Hotel Lobby in Brentwood. Jerry Yah'Kov and Candace Adelson are seasoned teachers of A Course In Miracles.Watch them on Utube (“3086 Spiritual) . The Show, “Spiritual Awakening” 101”, has been reviewed on the Nashville NECAT on Comcast or online. New episodes have already been added to YouTube for 2020.


How excited the children (not the single moms and dads) of Nashville are this morning as snow blankets and beautifies the whole outdoors! It will not last, but for this short time we can soak up the quiet around town, and partake in this offering! Blessing to all in Winter….Breathe easy!



“I came to notice how constantly I was seeking something

in the future, regretting something about the past,

or resisting something in the present. But over and over again taking

the backward step out of old conditioning habits of mind,

and taking my stand in Embodied Presence, with its  capacity

to hold these habits compassionately, I began to shift into

a different way of being.

     How can I describe this different way of being? When I 

shift into Presence, my mind becomes still. My gaze softens.

My body relaxes. I am at peace, even in the midst of difficulty.

This is the “ peace that passes all understanding.” 


               ~Coming Home Through The Dark

                 The Body Knows The Way.   ~~~Gordon Peerman p.32




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