Journeying Toward Wholeness

Feb 2021

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!


I am far behind this month in getting to the “Update”. When life has supposedly slowed down in this time of isolation, it's hard to believe how busy we can get, and also how nothing much gets done after 4:00pm!

It is more evident to me than ever… the beneficial effects of practices like Yoga, T'ai Chi, Breema, and a number of others, to re-fuel, re-nourish, and re-vitalize the body/mind, and return the ‘thinking mind's to its supportive role in our lives.


In the Yoga Classes we have been focusing more on strengthening the bones. A great support in this area is Loren Fishman, an MD who worked with B.K.S. Iyengar in India, and includes Yoga asanas in his medical practice in New York.

I highly recommend the two co-authored books below:


Yoga for Osteoporoses by Loren Fishman & Ellen Saltonstall

Yoga for Arthritis by Loren Fishman & Ellen Saltonstall


“We believe Yoga is the answer for older people

who want to stay strong, flexible, and

pain-free: In Yoga the joints are moved

to an ever-expanding range,

circulating their fluid and stimulating

renewal of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

Simultaneously, the bones are

isometrically subjected to forces

many times those of gravity, exactly

the same forces in impact exercise.

But in Yoga, the forces are applied without

any impact—yoga provides an

excellent solution to the twin perils

of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. “

—Loren Fishman


“Full Snow Moon” is happening the week of February 21st, We will be doing

Restorative and Healing Yoga on that week. Please include a bolster or extra

Blankets for those Yoga classes.


Yoga at Riverbend Prison has not been happening for almost a year. Hopefully that will be changing in the next months. In the letters I receive, the guys are hanging in, but it's been what it's been…think about it. If you are so moved to send a note or valentine to someone from the RMSI yoga class, please contact me and I will give you a name and address. Rahim Buford, a faithful member of that class for 8 years, is now doing the hard work of reform in the prison system, and support to those coming back out. After almost 6 years out, he turned 50 this week, becoming a vital and strong voice in the community and beyond. Check out his website;


Zoom Classes: Month of February-2021

Beginner Yoga Class Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 am CST

Intermediate Yoga Class Tuesdays 12-1:00pm CST

Self-Breema Session Fridays 9:00-9:30am, CST

(If you would like to do a class and are not on the invitation list, contact me…


As the weather gets warmer, we will be doing T'ai Chi at Dragon Park again.

Will keep you posted!


The Breema Center in Oakland CA is offering several free Self-Breema sessions on Zoom. Check out:


Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell TN is offering:


* A daylong Retreat, outside with electric blankets for warmth, Saturday, February 20th, “Finding Your True Identity” led by Don Oakley and Patti Bottari. (Contact: or 423-626-9000


* Don Oakley continues to give a talk Tuesdays 5:30-7-00p.m.,CST.

These talks are free. Go to the Well Being website for information

to click onto the Zoom meeting.


6th Annual Retreat w/Linda Mills and Friends is happening at Bethany Hills Retreat Center Friday April 23rd-25th, 2021. For more information contact 615-400-7816


Nashville Jung Circle has several offerings of interest in the next few months over Zoom. Once you pay a membership fee, you are discounted on events, and receive emails for all upcoming events. The first event for the year is free. Contact:


“FIRE BY NIGHT” (6 week Dream Group) encompasses the dreamwork taught by Laura Huffman,MA, MS. Laura is offering 2 Zoom Classes in dreamwork.

1st Class: Monday nights 6:00-7:30pm - starting Feb. 15

2nd Class: Thursday mornings 9:30-11:00am- starting Feb. 18



“May you be filled with Loving Kindness,

May you be well,

May you be peaceful and at ease,

May you be happy!”

- Metta








HAFIZ (translation by Daniel Ladinsky)


Parallel the care the dancer takes on her

finest step.


You need to feel the craving for that

unison, you need to know all the

longing the great ones had to suffer


before God said to them, ”Here I am,

yours to do with whatever you like.”


And when will the Beloved say such

a sublime thing to you, give you all that



A prerequisite is: when all you touch,

you touch as if it were sacred.


That will bring your mind to a standstill.

The space between you and any object


will then open up to a sea of radiance,

where you can drown for a second, drown

and taste me.


~Daniel Ladinsky




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