Journeying Toward Wholeness

April 2019

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!


Many thanks to those who formed the 28 or more folks coming to the parole hearing at Riverbend Prison, March 18th in support of Mack Cole. It was inspiring to see several former inmates return for this hearing filled with vitality, good health and well-being that radiated through the gathering. Mack was able to visit before and after the hearing with those there, and he was beaming. Not all ran as planned, as the shortage of help only allowed 8 folks into the small hearing room. Those who spoke on behalf of Mack seemed to eventually soften the communication of the person on screen directing the hearing. Mack got the four votes he needed to take the next step. For now he heads toward the final “to do' list before the final hearing. Do keep the good vibes flowing!


Rahim Buford of is getting the word out in order to generate support for Cyrus Wilson. Cyrus, from the Edgehill community has been in prison for over 20 years, and is innocent. The hope is to have 1,000 folks show up at the next hearing for Cyrus. The parole hearing is Wednesday April 17. Ndume Olatushami, an innocent man in prison for some 26 years or so, was released in TN a few years ago with immense pro bono legal support. This support enabled him to be released without saying he was guilty, when he was not. Ndume will be at the hearing as kind folks have paid his travel from Denver to Nashville. If you feel moved to be a support by your presence at this hearing Wednesday April 17…8am, RMSI, 7475 Cockrill Bend Nashville, TN 37209, you are most welcome, and remember to:

Bring your photo ID drivers license…

Wear shoes with heels…

No underwire bras…


There is now a possibility for Yoga students in Nashville to attend a Yoga Class at RMSI. (This includes those who meditate without doing asana, who can come and sit.) This has happened in the past, and for many months been on hold. If you would like to join in taking a yoga class on some Wednesday (2:15-3:45pm) please do the following.

*Send me your name and date of birth- ASAP(email, text, phone…615-498-


I will be compiling this list that will be sent to the warden. I would like to have all who are interested on the list by April 15. Please get your name to me ASAP so you can come to a class. When we get approval from the warden, I will contact persons on the list to see what day they could come. At that time you will get further information on details. I am excited about his happening, and welcome you coming…….and do remember….things move slowly on prison time!


Full Pink Moon is Friday April 19. Restorative Yoga will be the week of April 15. Please bring a bolster if you have one.


T'ai Chi classes continue Tuesday and Thursday mornings and are open to newcomers.


World TaiChi and QiGong Day will be taking place 10-12 on Saturday April 27 at Dragon Park. This event is free and open to the public. All Tai Chi and Yoga students are invited to come and move in these life-giving forms, joining this lively annual event which the Jen-Jen from the Chinese Alliance has been offering to the Nashville community for many years!


Look for T'ai Chi with Julie Russell a teaching DVD started over 25 years ago with several folks but never finished. Kirsten Damphier filmed the forms last fall, and Elizabeth Holden in 2000. It is presently being edited by my brother Sam Russell in New Jersey. Judy Caldwell is computer assistant. Will get the word out when it is available!




9:30-10:55am Beginner Yoga @ friends meeting House

11:00-12:30pm Intermediate Yoga @ friends Meeting House

6:00-7:30pm Intermediate Yoga @ Friends Meeting House



2:15-3:45 RMSI Yoga Class



10:15-11:30 beginner Yoga @ 50 Forward, Brentwood



8-9am @ Dragon Park…meet @ Fidos at 7:15 before class



9:00-10:00 @ 50 Forward, Brentwood


Nurturing The Root, a Breema workshop offered by Katherine Correa at “The Farm” in Summertown TN Sunday April 28 10-1:00. (176 Redbird Rd. Summertown, TN 38483) Folks are welcome to come at 9:00 to warmup and share Breema experiences. Contact Katherine: 615-440-1342


Meditation in Everyday Life is offered Sunday May 19 (9:30-4:30) with Linda Mills and Julie Russell at Studio Mills in Kingston Springs TN. We will be expanding our experience of meditation through movement, stillness and simple painting. Flyer coming out soon!


Circle Dancing is taking place this Friday April 5th and Friday April 19 at Friends Meeting House at 503 26th Avenue S., 7-9pm. Several folks eat a bite at Calypso Cafe on Charlotte Ave. after 5:30. All are welcome!

“People, learn to dance, otherwise the angels in heaven will not know what to do with you.” ~ St. Augustine


5th Annual Yoga Retreat with Linda Mills and Friends ay Bethany Hills in Kingston Springs ….Friday April 26Thru Sunday April 28. I will be doing a session Friday with The Painting Journal. Contact Linda: 615-400-7816


“Understanding Personal Will”…a silent meditation retreat weekend @ Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell TN April 12-14…and 5th Annual Powell River regatta on Saturday April 20th. Contact:


Nashville Jung Circle presents Dr. Chelsea Wakefield Friday April 5 at Blakemore Methodist Church on West End 6:15pm registration and reception, and 7-9pm…”Soulful relationships - walking the path of individuation in connection.” Saturday April 6 the topic is: “Negotiating The Inner Peace Treaty.”



April brings this full blooming of Spring, sometimes blustery, and also many offerings to experience in the Nashville community. May your days be full and balanced in this abundance! Breathe well…………!





“You have to pay for knowledge. You have to pay for

understanding. But Love is the one thing that Existence

gives you for free. You don't have to earn it. You only

have to know it. Not in your head. In your heart. We

Don't know how to find our heart. But you can bring

your mind to your body. When body and mind are

together, they connect to the heart.”


~ Your Home is the Entire Cosmos, The Wisdom of Breema, Jon Schreiber








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